The love nest

We just love, love, love our new home and it has been so much fun making it feel more like us. So far we have changed the red kitchen to a light teal, inviting a clean, fresh feel. We are also in the process of painting our living/dining/hall/loft areas a soothing taupe color, which I love!!!

On top of all these projects we decided that our bedroom needed a little love. While looking through one of my West Elm magazines I found exactly what I wanted but after I saw my cart's total, I wasn't about to spend close to $500(that was for the bedding only.) So the search began and I was able to find pretty much everything I wanted for around $100!! Well, I still need some throw pillows and I would still love to get those cute grey and white striped sheets from West Elm, but as for now I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Oh, do you know how hard it is to find a plain white duvet cover that doesn't cost you mucho money? Well let me tell you, we searched everywhere and I finally found a solid white, wrinkle-free(...yeah right) duvet set at Bed Bath and Beyond after walking around the store 3 times to find it.

As for the bed, I LOVE it! This was purchased at one of my favorite stores, World Market. Every time I enter that store I find a new 'must have' that I can't get out of my mind until I have it as my own. We were able to save a little money on the bed with our fancy 10% off coupon. Every little bit counts!

There is still much to be done in our cozy room; painting the walls, replacing our green dresser, adding some fun throw pillows, and dressing up the walls with curtains, art work and accessories. I will be sure to add more pictures once the room is complete. As for now, hope you enjoy!

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