I have been the world's biggest slacker these past many months and I have the cutest little boy to blame for that [well, sort of]. I must admit I am no super mom like I thought I would be. Taking care of a four month old, my husband and my two adorable [yet annoying at the same time] hound dogs is so much work. Notice that I didn't even included all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, errands and the list could go on forever. At this point, I am lucky if I get to shower. BUT I must say that I would not want it any other way. Well maybe more showers but in all honesty, my life has flourished in so many ways. Canaan has brought both Gabe and I so much joy and happiness and all those stresses and worries quickly fade away with one look at our boy.

These last four months which have been Canaan's first four months of life has been full of so many new things. These are the changes that have happened for me....

First of all I am no longer a full time bank teller, which is what I have done for seven years. I have now entered into full time mommy along with part time insurance sales lady. I most definitely enjoy being able to spend countless hours with my son, playing, singing, crying, dancing, laughing, pooping.... but I do miss interacting with people. I am a big social bug or I should say I used to be a big social bug. Now I just chat Canaan's ears off and have come to realize that he is just as chatty as his mom, oops! So adjusting to life with a baby, working from home, dealing with my crazy hound dogs 24/7, I have also had to do a food makeover. It seems that dairy really affects my son's little tummy and causes him terrible pain and chunky spit up [which breaks my heart], so I have had to completely eliminate all dairy from my diet. Do you know how much I LOVE ice cream?! Well, I love my son so much more and will do anything to make him happy and pain free. Since this new elimination of diary, I am actually a pant size smaller than I was before my pregnancy! How fun is that! The only problem is that my clothes look so frumpy on me and I cannot afford to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. I guess I will just have to pull out my trusty sewing machine and alter my clothes myself. Speaking of sewing, I finally dusted off my machine a few days ago and made Canaan some pants out of Gabe's old t-shirts he no longer wears. Pretty smart, right?! So, that's about it for me. Let's move on to Canaan.

Canaan is now four months old, weighing 15 pounds and is 25 inches long. He has been teething since he was about two months old but we still haven't seen any teeth. We have been working on getting him on a schedule which was working out wonderfully until he got his first cold. Poor baby. Unfortunately there wasn't any cold medicine that he could take because of his age so we just followed the treatment that the pediatrician gave and about two weeks later, zero cold. Praise the Lord. Canaan is such a happy baby who loves attention. He laughs and talks a lot and is holding himself up so good that we think he will roll over soon. He really enjoys his Exersaucer and has very little to do with his swing these days. We were just told that we can start feeding him rice cereal for a week or two and then introduce the veggies! Gabe and I have noticed that Canaan is starting to understand what we are doing when we eat and he actually tries to eat our food. It is the funniest thing ever. He reaches for bowls with his mouth wide open while grunting. I am pretty sure he will love this new food source.

I know how boring blogs can be without pictures, SO here are a few to keep you entertained. Enjoy!

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