It's a BOY!

Gabe and I are no longer a family of two. We're slowly moving our way up. I am pleased to introduce to you our newest family member, Miles. He is our 5 month old basset hound puppy, full of love and energy.

We thought it would be fun to get a dog before we entered the real world of parenting. Since Miles has entered our lives, SO much has changed. We have literally had to adjust our gym time, our late nights out, how long we stay out and about on the weekends. Like I said, so much change. I think it came as a shock at first but we are starting to adjust. This has definitely opened our eyes to a whole new way of living. Who knows if we will ever be ready to take on the challenge of parenting...

Okay, enough about that. How 'bout you take a look at this cutie of ours. Enjoy!

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