That's right, I have made it to month seven of my pregnancy. To be more specific I am actually 29 weeks, so just a little more than seven months. That means that Gabe and I have 11 more weeks until our sweet, little Canaan makes his appearance. At my last appointment, I was told that Canaan is measuring a week and a half ahead of his gestational size, so when I said "our sweet, little Canaan..." I should have put "our sweet, healthy Canaan."

Anyways, as Gabe and I were out and about we stopped by this church's baby consignment sale to see what good deals we could score. There really wasn't much to my liking but we were able to get a few outfits and some lovely maternity photos out of it. Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot Gabe took of me and Canaan. Enjoy!

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