Stuffed Owl

I thought it would be fun to start some kid projects now that I know I am having a boy. I had a few things in mind for our little guy but I decided to start with a cute little owl tutorial I found while blog browsing. I had never made a stuffed animal (except for my tiny stuffed birds) before nor had I ever really followed a sewing pattern, so I knew this would be a good challenge. The owl turned out pretty cute but a little smaller than I thought it would be. Plus, not too long after I finished the owl, Maggie made it hers but chewing off one of his eyes. At least I got some cute pictures of the owl before Maggie destroyed it. Enjoy!

P.S. That is Maggie's nose in the third picture. I should have known!

1 comment:

  1. adorable victoria! i have a couple of owl toys i made for my kids too. i am so excited you are having a baby. ive been thinking about you:) have so much fun getting ready for this sweet boy!