Oh boy!

Since we found out I was pregnant, we have only had one ultrasound done of our little baby and that was at 7 weeks. Yes, it was pretty awesome to see a little, gummy bear sized, white blob sitting in my belly and even better hearing the little heartbeat, but nothing really clicked with us until we had our 20 week appointment. The moment we got to see our little baby in human form was incredible! To see those little legs, arms, spine, ribs, face, lips, eyes, tongue...well pretty much everything about our child, brought so much joy to us. I must say that our 20 week ultrasound was the best experience ever! My heart was literally overflowing with joy when I saw our child that God has created for us to care for and love unconditionally. Oh and I can't leave out the best part, we found out that we are having a boy! Our precious, little Canaan Davis will soon make his appearance in July and we couldn't be happier.  

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