I'm back!

It has been f-o-r-e-v-e-r since I have made an appearance on this blog and I need to apologize for that. So much has happened over these last six months and I will get you up to date right now.

First of all 2010 was incredibly full of "firsts" for Gabe and I. It strated with Gabe getting a new job here in San Antonio in January. Then in March, we bought our first house and immediately got busy making it ours. A few months later (sometime in August) we thought it might be fun to welcome a new member into our family, our sweet Basset Hound, Miles. Then we started having small issues with the Cougar and decided it was time to upgrade to a gas efficient, family size vehicle, the Insight. After we got Miles, we started feeling a little guilty having to leave him home alone all day so we thought it might be helpful to get him a friend. Well, in October we welcomed Maggie (our second Basset Hound) to our family. The very next day, Gabe and I found out that we were expecting our first child! Talk about a lot of "firsts" for one year, but we couldn't be happier and we know that all these adventures have only made us stronger as a couple.

Stay tuned because I have much, much more to share. I promise it won't take me 5 to 6 months to fill you in this time. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures!

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