Meet Maggie

About three months ago we got our very first dog, Miles. He is such a cutie and we love him to pieces, but since Gabe and I work full time jobs, we were sad at the thought of leaving Miles home alone for about eight hours each day. We decided that it was time to get Miles a companion, so we started the search.

This is Maggie. Her original name was Jasmin but we decided to change it up to something different. Miles and Jasmin just didn't go, so since they also called her Jazzy, we figured Maggie was close enough. So now we have Miles and Maggie; much better! The nice thing is that she has adjusted just fine to her new name. She is a full bread basset hound, almost a year old and she looks so much different than our Miles, but we still love her.

Miles loves Maggie almost a little too much if you know what I mean. I will spare you the pictures (very funny though). They love to play tug-a-war and wrestle, even though Maggie pins Miles to the ground every second. Having Maggie around has definitely helped us out. I can actually clean, craft/sew, lay on the couch all without Miles constantly begging for my attention. So I guess I should say, "Thanks Maggie".

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