my lovely vintage finds

I love yard sales and could probably hit them up every weekend but someone I love can't stand them, which means I don't go yard sale shopping that often. But, as Gabe and I were driving to grab some lunch on Saturday, our neighbors yard sale caught my eye. She had a ton of cool vintage finds and if I had more money to spend, I would have pretty much bought everything she had.

You see, Gabe and I started this budget which allows us $75 each every two weeks to spend on whatever we please. This includes stuff like eating out, movies, clothes, craft supplies, and pretty much anything we might want, not need. I would like to say that I needed to have all these cool things but that would not be true, so I pulled out my cash-o-la and went crazy.

When I say this was the coolest yards sale I have ever been to, I mean it. It was like I was shopping at a super cheap Anthroplogie, well besides the clothing. There was furniture, kitchen wear, blankets, home and wall decor, a hanging light fixture (which I totally wanted but Gabe wasn't impressed) and much more. After browsing through everything a couple times, I started making my pile. I ended up leaving with some great items which I plan on using as photography props. I can't wait to use them!!

I really wanted to buy more stuff but my allowance wouldn't let me. I ended up spending $11 the first visit, but one trip wasn't enough so my second visit cost me $16.75, which is a grand total of $27.75. Now I am left with $20 which needs to last me 2 weeks. I guess I forgot to tell you that I just got my allowance on Friday and only made it to Saturday morning! Haha, I know, I have a little spending problem.

Well, I really hope you like my cool finds and here is the breakdown for those who might want to know: $5 for the chair, $2 for the green suitcase, $15 for the HUGE blanket, $2.75 for the cute white cups, and $3 for the 3 scarves. Enjoy! 

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  1. im obsessed with your luggage and blanket...great finds! they would be perfect for pictures!