Brown eyed girl

I bought some leather scraps from my local leather shop a while back and the only project I had in mind was a leather eye patch for my dad. After a lot of thought, I decided instead of the eye patch that I am not even sure I can do, I was going to stick with what I sort of know...a small clutch.

So, here she is! This little beauty is 100% leather with some cute little buttons and some light brown thread. I personally stitched this clutch by hand and let me tell you, that is no simple task. Besides my leather bracelets, this was the first time I had ever worked with leather. Here are a few things I would recommend if you are wanting to work with leather...

1. Be sure you have a lot of band aids handy. I can't even tell you how many times I stabbed myself with the needle.

2. The gentleman at the leather shop asked me if I was sewing this clutch by hand. I told him "yes" and he told me that I should punch holes in it before I started in order to make the sewing process easier. I guess what I am trying to say is, listen to the wise gentleman who works at the leather factory.

3. Finally, if you have a couple hundred dollars laying around, purchase an industrial sewing machine. After this project, I realized I should have started with that. If you are unsure where to find one, I would recommend eBay. Happy bidding to you!

Okay, enough chatting. I hope you like my hand stitched leather clutch! Enjoy.

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  1. Oh my goodness you and your husband are the cutest people ever! And you make the cutest thing =)