What a surprise!

Guess what???

Okay so there is this little thing on Etsy called Treasury, which is what you first see when you sign onto Etsy.com. It is the collection of items on the front page. The cool thing about Etsy is it allows you to create your own Treasury that other Etsy seller or even buyers can view. BUT, the even better thing about the Treasury is it helps promote other fellow artists like myself.

Now for the fun part. I love Etsy and all the artists and I could literally spend hours browsing through all the beautiful handmade goods. Because of Etsy and this thing called Advent Conspiracy (an international movement restoring the scandal of Christmas by substituting compassion for consumption) I made a choice to go "handmade" last year for Christmas and I plan on doing the same thing year but instead of doing it alone, I plan getting some help of my fellow Etsy artists. Okay, okay so enough rambling....here is the news.

My first Etsy Treasury made it on the FRONT PAGE!!! I am so thrilled that my treasury was chosen and even more importantly, I was able to promote some very beautiful items for some hard working Etsians (if that is even a word). Here is where you can see all the lovely items I chose for my very first Treasury and I hope you find them as lovely as I do. Enjoy!

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