Thrift goodness.

I decided it was time for some good ol' thrift store shopping, so while my husband was off keeping busy over the weekend, I went shopping. I both love and hate thrift stores and here is why...

I love it when I find something dingy and transform it into a fresh new find. I love it when I only have to pay $3 for some cute home accessory rather than $30. I love it when I can spend $10 and have a bag full of goodies. But, I hate it when I walk out of the store empty handed. This happens more often than I would like. I hate the way my hands feel after I leave. I hate it when I find something awesome that I can't live without but for some reason, the thrift store wants a ridiculous amount of money for it. I'm like, "come on, this is a thrift store!". 

Well now that you know how I feel about thrift stores, here is one of the three items I came across over the weekend. This is one of those "dingy, needs some work, but has potential" kind of finds. I only paid $2.99 for this silver wear holder, which isn't bad at all. Since I already had one, my thought was to use this as a jewelry holder/organizer. But before I would add my accessories to it, it definitely needed a face lift.

That is where this can of spray paint comes in. I bought this awhile back when I revived these old salt and pepper shakers. There is something about this color that I love and I can't seem to get enough of it.

Once my cute little jewelry organizer was all painted and ready to go, I thought it would go better in my kitchen since this is the color I painted the walls. Here are pictures of the boring before and fabulous after.

After I replaced my boring white silver wear organizer with my lovely blue one, I thought, why not use the white organizer for my jewelry holder. Ya know, the whole reduce, reuse, recycle idea. And guess what? I just so happened to have another can of spray paint and even better it was green spray paint!

Before I go any further, I must warn you that I have a big skeleton in my closet. Well, actually in my dresser and it's not pretty. Now that you have been warned, here is the reason I decided to get an organizer for my stuff....

Now that I have revealed some deep, dark secrets of mine, here is my VERY organized dresser. Enjoy!

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  1. you are fabulous! What a great little can of spray paint won't do!!.....and look how clean and organized you are!